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Our Level 1 / CCL course is the best IL Concealed Carry License training in the Chicago land area. This is NOT a remedial "do nothing" course, or a "pay to play" CCL class. You will learn, practice, and demonstrate safe and effective defensive handgun skills. We hold a very high standard for safety at all times, both in the classroom and on the range. We DO NOT use toy or airsoft guns. You are an adult learning to use deadly force, we take this very seriously. We DO NOT conduct our courses to the bare minimum standards. This course goes far above and beyond the requirements of the ISP minimum curriculum. We DO NOT crank out students like a factory line. Our classes are kept small to offer as much individual attention as possible (classes are limited to 10 students MAX!). We DO NOT act like drill sergeants. Our instructors use modern adult learning techniques to ensure the skills taught will stick with our students. We DO NOT get bogged down in slideshows and presentations. 90% of our class is conducted with HANDS ON training. 

Our Level 2 / Advanced course picks up right where or Level 1 course leaves off. Students will learn to shoot from unconventional positions, shooting from and around barricades, single hand presentation and shooting, non-dominant hand shooting. Additional focus will be put on shooting and moving, malfunction clearing, target transitions, multiple targets at varying distances. 

Students must have attended our LEVEL 1 / CCL course in order to sign up for this course.

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CCL Renewal


We offer free* recertification to all alumni who have completed our LEVEL 1/CCL and LEVEL 2/ADVANCED course. We hold a very high standard of training and will only recertify students who have taken these courses. If you are not an RF Ops alumnus you must complete our Advanced CCL course as your recertification course. All of you future recertification will then be free of charge. Please contact us directly to schedule your free recertification course.

*Students cover the cost of ammo only

Get a quote for private training

We offer private training for one on one and small groups. Contact us for details.

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