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This is our primary training course. The NRA Basic Pistol course is included in the cost of this training and MUST be completed prior to any live fire training. You will be given instructions on how to complete the NRA Basic Pistol via confirmation email when signing up for this course. 250 rounds of 9mm ammunition is also included FREE of charge for this course. All training for this course will be held at our private range in Richton Park, IL.

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We Provided The Following For Use During Class:

  • Firearm equipped with a red dot sight

  • Safariland ALS Holster

  • 3 pistol magazines

  • Spare magazine holster

  • Electronic hearing protection

  • 250 rounds of 9mm ammunition

  • Cooler with bottled water

What Do You need to bring:

  • A sturdy belt, capable of supporting the weight of a firearm, holster, and extra magazines.

  • A sturdy pair of shoes that you dont mind getting dirty (must be closed toed)

  • Eye protection (both clear and dark recommended)

  • Baseball style cap/hat (NO RED)

  • Clothing suitable for the weather and the range. We run our range work rain or shine. (NO RED CLOTHING, NO LOW CUT SHIRTS)

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

  • Note-taking materials. (Audio or video recording of the class is not allowed)

  • Proof of NRA Basic Pistol Course completion.

  • Illinois ID (DL or State ID)

  • Lunch/Snacks

  • Extra water/drinks

More info:

Our range location is on private land, we currently do not have access to portable toilets, or running water. For your comfort, you might want to bring wipes, disposable washcloths and/or hand sanitizer. Our facilities do not have restaurants close enough to purchase meals and get back in a reasonable amount of time. We do schedule a break in the middle of class for use of near by facilities/washrooms. Also remember that each day of class is 8 hours long, if you need another meal in that amount of time please bring it.  Bring water, while we do provide water at all of our classes, it never hurts to bring some more. We highly suggest a small cooler with water, Gatorade, ice, etc. We provide bench style seating at our range location but cannot guarantee the comfort of these chairs, if that might be an issue for you feel free to bring a cushion to sit on (We like this one). If you have any questions please contact us.

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