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Who we are.

We are a small, family run business here at RF Ops. Everyone of us are ardent firearms enthusiasts and proud supporters of the second amendment. We care about the training we provide to our students and hold the highest standards for our instructors. Our courses and methods go above and beyond the curriculum minimums for State and NRA certifications. RF Ops instructors are always students themselves and regularly attend new training courses from the countries top instructors. Our goal is to give students the best practical defensive skills when using a firearms. We are unapologetic when it comes to our philosophy of use regarding defensive firearms skills and will never give our students anything less than our absolute best.


Ron Forgue
("Big Ron")

Ron is a retired Chief of Police out of King City California. A retired Lieutenant of the Police out of Chicago Illinois. He has worked on multiple task forces and specialized teams, and has earned numerous awards in his 35 years of police service. He currently holds a Master's degree in Forensic Psychology and is our lead investigator for all of our Livescan services.

Ron Forgue
("Little Ron")

Little Ron is our Lead Instructor. He has earned numerous instructor certifications across many disciplines. Ron is an NRA certified instructor, IL State certified instructor, Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified instructor, and DOJ certified instructor. He is a practiced IDPA competition shooter, has had thousands of hours of training and trigger time while training at premier facilities across the country, and continues to educate himself in the most up to date defensive techniques and tactics. 


Tom Malloy

Tom has earned many instructor certifications across multiple disciplines. He has trained side by side with Little Ron under world class instructors and has a passion to give his knowledge to our students. Tom is a well practiced IDPA competition shooter, and has hundreds of hours of training and trigger time in his pursuit of the most advanced defensive firearms techniques. His drive to master multiple calibers and firearm platforms has given him a wealth of experience and understanding in his disciplines.

Holly Forgue

Holly manages all of our office and certification filings. She is the backbone of our company. She coordinates training dates, instructor schedules, equipment needs, range item updates, and instructor continued education. Holly is our Primary Range Safety Officer for all live fire training.


Let’s Work Together

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